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Our individualized plans are designed to integrate all aspects of health into our care models. This includes nutrition, movement, skin and body care, preventative medicine and anti-aging therapy.

Individualized Nutrition

We have partnered with genopalate to provide a look at your nutrition from the genetic level. The results are based on DNA analysis to understand each members’ metabolism and determine what nutrition approach is best for each individual. For example, we find out how your body handles carbs, fats and proteins. We learn about your heart health, or if you have a predisposition to weight gain. Do you have a sensitivity to caffeine, lactose and gluten. Your customized nutrition plan along with a weekly meal plan can be tailored to your nutrition and health goals. Additionally, we know that our individual relationship with food is unique, so we have also teamed up with our friends over at Mindful Macros to get the best out of our nutritional relationships.

Passion Centered Fitness

A key step to achieving a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. The Mayo Clinic recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week for optimal health.

We offer a number of different exercise opportunities to find what fits your passion and life style goals. We recommend that our clients find a passion in how they move and build that habit in there life. Finding an exercise plan with attached goals gives drive and passion to make the small and simple changes in life that lead to great outcomes. We offer a range of options, from coaches, group trainers to individual training, and group classes. We have curated some of the best gyms and trainers to be included in our plan. Some of these include

Science Based Anti-Aging Medicine

The fountain of youth is getting closer and closer to a reality as science progresses in understanding how to supplement our natural hormones with biologically identical hormones and medications as we Evolve into the second half of our lives.

There are multiple benefits of maintaining normal hormone levels during aging for both men and women. These include:

Increased energy
Increased muscle mass
Optimal metabolism
Increased libido
Decrease in osteoporosis (=stronger bones)
Improves skin tone and elasticity.
Minimizes menopausal symptoms

We also offer medical treatment to help prevent age related hair loss including oral and topical therapies.

Data Driven Preventative Medicine

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Taking the drivers seat in your health management can prolong your life and help keep the quality of life active and exciting. We offer gold standard of preventative medicine through our practice. This includes monitoring risk of heart disease, kidney function, prostate, colon and heart surveillance. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to lipid disorders, High blood pressure, or high glucose levels. All of these have been shown to shorten both quality and longevity of life when not addressed. We will help manage these with nutrition, active lifestyle and when needed medication.

With advances in health tracking devices we are able to build into our members’ medical history important data including daily calories burned, heart rate parameters, as well as body composition.

Laser Focused Skin & Body Care


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Being healthy isn’t just about feeling healthy, its also about looking healthy. This promotes a healthy psyche and allows people to move through life with more confidence. We understand this and want to help our members feel beautiful inside and out.

Our whole healthy philosophy involves regular evaluation and recommendations from our licensed aesthetician through our association with Reynolds Plastic surgery medical spa. We can help our members look more youthful and beautiful with laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, RF microneedling (increasing skin collagen, improving skin tone and texture with either ablative or nonablative skin resurfacing). These treatments can be tailored to our members’ lifestyles with either incrementally effective therapies that require no down time or rapid results with highly effective therapies with limited downtime. In addition we offer Botox and high end fillers to help fend off wrinkles. Our Med spa also provides non invasive body contouring with ultrasound fat destruction which can be paired with radiofrequency skin tightening.